Saturday, August 25, 2012


I can't smell anything.
I have been really stupidly sick for the last 5 days. I don't get sick. Not five days worth of sick.
I have enough pharmacy drugs to start up my own Breaking Bad scenario.

I had all this important stuff I had to do as well.
People to meet, important things to discuss, appointments to get to.
My To-Do list died though.
It started dying the same time my head started to feel like it was expanding.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Kidding!

A drawing from high school.
Same basic drawing in cartoon form.
About being sad and stuff.

Oh but you look happy, because if you look sad everyone hates you & thinks you're a downer. Because you are a downer. Because you have depression.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reasons Not to Drink. #1

Drunk brain messages to yourself.

Normal people when they are drunk:

Me when I am drunk:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classic Peevil.

I would like to introduce to you another sinister character I conjured up in my brain space.

His name is Peevil.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Black Dog

So depression is also known as "the Black Dog".
I don't know why it's called that.

I always just imagine a really, really sad dog.

Then, after I have conjured up the sad dog in my mind, I decide that we understand each other, and we are at a similar place in our lives ie. feeling really, really sad all the time.

This dog is now the only thing that knows the feeling I have.

Then I realise that we are going to be together for some time.

4 years ago I had depression. 3 years of my life I spent resenting every day.
I am pleased to say that one day I decided to kick depression's stupid butt.

I will be exploring depression in silly cartoon style over the next few blog posts, but I thought you should know, dear reader, that I am fine now.

The imaginary dog is feeling much better as well.

Here is a relevant song:

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I know I said my next post was going to be about how sometimes I have too many feelings at once, but that could've been a real downer. 
Instead, I have scribbled up some of my loveliest friends with their lovely (& in most cases crazy)  pets!

Courtenay & Winky, the Teacup Chihuahua.

Krissy & Kippy, very pretty ladies.
Sean & Telly the Border Collie...I may be making fun of Telly in this particular drawing...

My Mum & Rupert the Sausage Dog.
Damascus & I.
I have a drawing of my lovely friend Erin who is an AMAZING artist (we are blawg dawgs-relevant because this post is about pets...)  It is of her hugging a turtle. But I draw it on PAPER (What was I THINKING!?) So I'll have to scan her in and colour her for another blog time.

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Erin Michelle Ward Art Erin's Drawings!
Wild Honey Photography My Mum's photos!

Intro to Scribbling

Hey I just started to draw some pictures on photoshop one day and sometimes I think they are really hilarious.

I've been drawing with my tablet for maybe 2 weeks & I reckon I am IMPROVING MAYBE A LITTLE BIT I DON'T KNOW?

Made a blog so I could leave my facebook clear for really important status updates about how I eat too much lunch or how I have white girl problems.

Here are some really super quick pics I did up, all under 10 mins so excuse the messiness, but also get used to the messiness, because that's how I roll so shut up.


Oh God not again.
All of your feelings are going to kill you.

Sorry I know this blog post is vague, but my next post will be an adorable little cartoon with a story about how feeling too many things at once can make me a little bit sad.

The picture above is about how feeling too many things at once makes my head explode, it's a bit full on and I don't really like it. The picture that is, I don't really like the picture. Or the feelings either actually, good point. I feel like we've established a really deep connection just from this one blog post.

The end.

P.S I will probably edit this post tomorrow when I'm not so...flblelrghhruhnn