Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I think we're all aware it's not fine art.

Sometimes I get all like:
"My drawings are weird scribbles. 
They're not aesthetically pleasing all. 
I don't know how to paint or make things pretty. 
I have no technical knowledge of art. 
noone is going to commission me to paint a mural full of scribbles 
(I really want to paint a mural one day).
I cannot make things look realistic. 
People don't look at my drawings and go "Holy shit that's gobsmackingly wonderful!!!"

But hey, what I do is charming in its own scribbly way.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Here's the story...

I found the perfect course for me, Graphic Design at Shillington College.

However it's rather costly to enrol!
I was determined though, so I set off on an adventure to get enough money together. After some silly set backs and some serious set backs...

I am now back on track and I'm hoping you could help me achieve my dream.

I have been saving up for some time (4 years, on & off, because of the set backs...see video for more)
for this course and it is my goal to be enrolled THIS YEAR!

I'm pretty close to the amount I need, but I'm not going to be able to get enough together this year on my own. Which is why I'm putting it out there. If you have ever been inspired by my images on the Rebekah Lyn Photography facebook or my blog of cartoons about depression and anxiety "Saint Damascus", or if I've ever done some photography work for free or really cheap, this is your chance to pay it forward! or back! or whatever!

I need a cheeky $4500 to reach the total amount for the Course. If my parents were rich I wouldn't even ask you but they're we are.

Watch this outrageous video of me being ridiculous!

You can get a heap of stuff in return like stickers and pictures of things!