Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Impossible Tasks.


  1. Who says you have to not be sad. Maybe you're happy being sad. At least for now.

  2. Hello Bekky. I am Jodi :) Brooke's and Ben's and Rhett's and Tara's friend and confidant. i sometimes see your stuff through brooke or ben or tara ( not so much rhett these days- think he's over fb). anyhoo, i just wanted to say- i think your stuff is wonderful. and cool. and emotive. and clever. i am envious. seeya.

  3. Hello Jodi, it is nice to kind of sort of meet you-ish!
    Thank you for your nice wordy things.
    I might meet you in the real world one day soon!
    But please note my most recent post about being socially peculiar and keep this in mind for if we meet...

    I have an agreement with Rhett and Tara that we fist bump as a greeting and a goodbye, but I simply cannot get away with not hugging Brooke.
    I suggest fist bump for our first meeting. Agreed?
    This is something that I honestly stress about a lot.


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